Fluidco Hydraulic systems has grown from strength to strength the past 30 years, since being established in 1992.  As a wholesale supplier of top branded, quality products to a variety of hydraulic industries.  With our forward thinking approach and ongoing market research we are able to supply a comprehensive range of products.  We are known as an one stop hydraulic shop to our clients.

We strive towards providing an unparalleled level of service and quality products within the Hydraulic industry.  We aim to provide reliable, friendly, efficient and professional customer service to all our existing and new clients.

As a family based business, Fluidco have strong values which is evident in our approach towards customer service, driving us to “Keep your idea’s flowing!”.  That is why our slogan is “Make it Happen!”


  • Power-Pack design and manufacturing
  • Hose Assembly while you wait
  • Hose testing
  • Pallet cleaning of hoses
  • Valve testing
  • Valve resetting
  • Power-Pack testing
    • Cylinder Testing
    • Pre-Setting Valves
    • OEM Tanker Industry: Jet-Vac, Vacuum, Water and Fuel truck System Designs
    • Hydraulic System design and manufacturing
Our senior Technician has assisted in designing various hydraulic systems throughout a range of industries:
  • Marine, fishing and general offshore hydraulic system design – manufacturing/supplying of components
  • Tankers: Jet-vac, vacuum, water & fuel truck system design and manufacturing/supplying of components
  • Tip trucks, skip & trailer hydraulic system design – manufacturing/supplying of components
  • Industrial hydraulic system design and manufacturing
  • Variety of Agricultural machine system designs – manufacturing/supplying of components
  • Continuous development and support throughout the design process as well as continuous after-sales service.



Breland le Roux

(Owner – Financial Director & Technical Sales)

He has been at the reigns of Fluidco since 1999. Breland has many years of engineering experience within the Hydraulic Industry.

He is our Senior Technical sales support who has to date helped design many Hydraulic Systems within a wide range of industries.

  • Tankers: Jet-Vac, Vacuum, Water and Fuel truck system design.
  • Tip Trucks, Skip & Trailer Hydraulic system designs.
  • Industrial Hydraulic system Design and manufacturing.
  • Marine, Fishing and general offshore Hydraulics.
  • Wide variety of Agricultural Machines.
  • Continuous Development and Support.

He personally oversees all Imports. He is forward thinking and enjoys a challenge especially when it comes hydraulic system designs and manufacturing.

Besides work, Breland is an avid sailor and biker, who has participated in many adventures through the years (local & endurance races – sailing expeditions & sailing races).  He has become a trusted design and supply partner to many OEM clients as well as Hydraulic Services Clients. He has secured long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships within many industries.  He also secured loyal staff who respect him very much because of his incredible positive, forward thinking & level headed nature!


Chantal Crafford 

(Website Administrator, PA to Owner & Customer Service)

Chantal Crafford – Customer Service Representative & PA to the Owner/Managing Member.

Chantal started with us in 2020.  She has a Certificate in Business Studies and Counselling.

She has been in a Sales position within different industries the past 15+ years and is passionate about Customer Service and building long lasting customer relations.

She enjoys a challenge and very focused on completing tasks and projects to the best of her ability.

She is a mother of one daughter who is her motivation to succeed in work and life.  She also has a furry baby with a heart for animals and nature. She is very family orientated and adores spending time with her mother, brothers and friends.


Zane Marx

(Managing & Sales Director)

Zane Marx – Managing Director

Zane was appointed as Managing Director in March 2023. He has over 20 years of experience within the Hydraulic Industry where he moved up from counter sales to team leader/supervisor and worked his way up to management. He has earned the respect of all his fellow co-workers and clients alike throughout his career. Zane is ready to take on a more challenging position investing in Fluidco Hydraulic Systems knowing that Fluidco is an established wholesale supplier of hydraulic components. His vision for Fluidco is to be the Largest Privately Owned Hydraulic component wholesale supplier in South Africa.

His passion for customer service, excellent management skills and motivating personality will assure the success of his vision for Fluidco. We look forward to growing from strength to strength each month onwards with him at the reigns as Managing Director.


Bonita Brink 

(Accounts Manager)

Bonita Brink – Accounts Manager

Bonni has been a very loyal employee at Fluidco since 1996.

She has become a meticulous expert in her field.

She is very well respected in our industry as someone who knows her stuff and who is not easily fooled by others.

She is passionate about her children and her furry babies.

She takes great pride in her work and appearance.

She has in-depth knowledge of all our account clients after liaising with them for many years.

Besides for Accounts Bonni is also the company’s HR administrator, always having an understanding ear and willing to assist when needed.


Bridget Marx 

(Procurement Manager)

Bridget Marx – Procurement Manager

Bridget started off as a “All Rounder” in 2000.

Her potential, hardworking, friendly & helpful nature was soon noticed and landed her in Sales for a few years. Her product knowledge and great work ethic makes her an excellent Procurement Manager.

Her loyalty to Fluidco and her passion for having everything “In stock” is much appreciated by staff and customers alike.

Her customers still Love her, even years after she stopped in sales. She is very passionate about her husband and two boys who seems to keep her so young at heart!

Bridget is also crazy about her furry babies at home.


Moegamat Kariem

(Mid Technical Sales, Health & Safety Manager)

Moegamat Fayzal Kariem – Key accounts /Technical sales Guru /Production manager.

Fayzal started with Fluidco in 2006 after already having years of Hydraulic experience and exposure.

As a technically minded person and a someone who makes things Happen, he is the go to person if a problem needs to be sorted out. His many years of experience means that he knows how to Find problems and solve them. He helps customers to spec the right components. His loyalty to Fluidco and technical skill Has made him a leading figure in the company.

He has to juggle Key and OEM customers, Production Management, Sales and IT Maintenance on a daily basis.

To top things off he is also our Health & Safety officer.

Besides for work, he is an Avid Online Gamer….boys and their toys!


Catherine Volsteedt

(Reception & Office Administrator)

Catherine Volsteedt – Reception & Office Administrator

Cathy started in 2012 as a “Girl Friday”.

She is the first face everyone sees at reception when walking in and the friendly voice answering the phone calls.

Customers and staff love her friendly helpful nature.

She has many administrative tasks and is best known as the Courier Liaison. She organizes and keeps track of many Courier Collections every day.

She is a very proud mother of two daughters and a great fur baby mommy as well.


Siyabonga Gxothiswa

(Workshop Floor Assembler )

Siyabonga Gxothiswa –  Workshop Floor Assembler

“Shabba” started with Fluidco in 2019.

He was an exceptional fast learner, always willing to learn and hardworking.

He is also our Workshop staff trainer to all new staff in the Workshop as well as the Workshop Cleaning supervisor assuring our workshop is always clean, sanitized and tidy.

He is a husband and proud father of two boys. He is an avid soccer follower and played for the Juventus Soccer Club in Mitchell’s Plain.

We look forward to seeing Shabba grow from strength to strength.


Jacques van Rhyn

(Counter Sales)

Jacques van Rhyn – Counter Sales “Ace”

JvR started with us in 2020.

He studied as a Tool maker, has his Red Seal. He worked as a fitter and turner for 14 years and has some Hydraulic experience.

He has chosen Hydraulics Sales as a new career path and is rapidly learning more and more about it.

He soon became known as the go to person if you ever have a splinter needing removing or to detangle a necklace.. Always smiling and helpful on the counter.

He is passionate about Kitesurfing and always on the water given the chance. He too enjoys gardening. He is also very family orientated and enjoys spending time with them.


Fabian Felix

(Sales Representative)

Fabian Felix – Counter / Technical Sales “Giggles”

Fabian started with us the end of 2021.

He has 22 years’ experience within the Hydraulic industry and has 6 years’ experience within the Pneumatic industry. He completed his advanced Hydraulics course in 2008 as well as completing his advanced Pneumatic course in 2015.

He is always willing to help, always smiling and permanently giggling. He is a friendly and positive addition to the Fluidco family.

Fabian is a father to 3 teenagers, which probably explains his patience and timid nature. He has been married to his beautiful Queen B for the past 17 years and we all can sense the love is still very much alive and thriving! He is very family orientated.

Fabian enjoys sports in his free time such as soccer, baseball & cricket.
Fluidco looks forward to seeing him grow with the company.


Wesley Cameron Lots

(Workshop Trainee)

Wesley Cameron Lots – Workshop Trainee

Wesley joined Fluidco Workshop team in 2023. He has always had a keen interest in Mechanical Engineering and Hydraulics and now has the opportunity to put his interest to action in our Workshop as a Trainee.

Wesley is always friendly, polite and respectful to his fellow colleagues and willing to learn.

He enjoys being a influencer in his free time and has a passion for editing videos to upload to his Instagram account. He is always keeping his followers entertained and enjoys the challenge of being relevant and informative.


Thando Mnyamana

(Workshop Trainee)

Thando Mnyamana – Workshop Trainee

Thando is very hardworking, loyal and friendly. He joined us in 2023 and is already known for his friendly demeanour, willingness to help and for always smiling. He has been assisting with Hose Assemblies and with keeping the workshop area clean and tidy. He enjoys soccer in his free time, his favorite team is the Brilliant Stars in the Eastern Cape.
We look forward to Thando growing and assisting Fluidco grow from strength to strength in future.

His passion outside of work is automobile repairs and he is very excited about his hobby.

Nico is trustworthy, dependable and we can see him going very far up the chain within Fluidco Hydraulic Systems!

We are very excited for our and his future!


Yusuf Dhansay

(Workshop Assembler, Secondary Driver)

Yusuf Dhansay – Workshop Assembler

Yusuf started with us in 2021, as a workshop trainee. Since then he has progressed to doing hose assemblies, stripping, testing of valves and cylinders and assistant driver. He has grown in technical skills in the past two years. He is happily married, has a son who he is very proud of and is a passionate, respectful family man.